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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Thu Jul 22 13:01:12 CEST 1993

Kjetil T.:
> You may remember they [Norwegian Aftenposten /Per] had a 4-6 page
> feature (with no goofy shots ;-) on Disney in their weekend supplement
> A-magasinet a year ago or so, with a specially drawn front page of
> young Scrooge with his first dime (?  10 |re in Norwegian ;-)

Yes, it's a dime in English.  In Swedish it is a krona btw, i.e., about
ten times more than it is in Norway!

Don himself wrote more about Aftenposten:
> [...] all about me and my "life of $crooge" series. The cover was a
> special one I did on the theme of "what if $crooge had grown up in
> Norway" and it showed a scene from the series of 10-year-old $crooge
> earning his first dime and dreaming of his Norwegian-style money bin.

I wonder how a Norwegian-style money bin looks.  Like a big cheese? :-)
What date was this, by the way?  Maybe I can find it somehow.

> And you [Kjetil] make VG sound pretty sleazy! It's not that bad, is it?!
> What about EXPRESSEN???

Well, I wouldn't buy it (except for special occasions, like the coming
thing on you or other Disney stuff), but it's probably not as sleazy
as you fear.

> Can't you see what Hamilton is doing with ALL the Barks stories? First
> in the expensive Library, then in albums/digests, then in comics, then
> in color Library Albums... he's not stupid! There is a finite amount
> of material and he must milk it for all it's worth!

I still wonder if it's the correct order to publish stuff in albums
before the comic books.  It's nicer to have the stories in albums, so
I'd be hesitant to buy a comic book with stuff I mostly have, but I
could probably persuade myself to buy an album with stuff I just have
in comic books before.

Don again:
> My story about books, "The Guardians of the Lost Library", will
> be printed sometime around September 20. At least that's when I'm
> supposed to make another promotional tour through Scandanavia
> publicizing same.

Do you know any details of that tour yet?  There's a big book and
library fair in Sweden September 9--12, so I wonder why your
publishers didn't use that.

Then off to Unca Walt:
Gilbert, I don't see what your point is.  First you are angry because
Marc Eliot's book mentions that Walt was an FBI informant etc., and
when Torsten then pointed out that it is true, after all, you reply

> Today it seems unethical and vicious to toss people to
> the Commie-hunters, but at the time it seemed like patriotism to
> many more Americans than just Walt Disney.     

Of course that's true, but does that mean that such things ought not
to be mentioned?  I liked that Rorschach quote on Walt by the way, but
still I think it is possible to get some kind of coherent picture of
him from reading what his employees have written.

That's all I have to say on the book as I haven't read it (yet), and
it's off topic anyway.  Walt doesn't have very much to do with Disney

And another off-topic: No, Torsten, there are no Disney phonecards
here anyway.
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