Digest #55

Larry Gerstein gerstein at math.ucsb.edu
Fri Jul 30 02:50:52 CEST 1993

        P.  S.  Someone wanted a better recent reprint of "Tralla La" than
US Digest #3.  Doesn't anyone know that Disney Comics did 8 albums?  I'll
recommend #6 which has not only "Tralla La" but also "Isle of Golden Geese"
both with very beautiful color.  (ALSO "Teahouse of the Waggin' Dragon"
which Barks only WROTE, and the art strikes me as excreable even with the
fine colors.  It's not a Jippes redraw, since he hadn't done those yet.)
        I'll also recommend other Disney Albums except #4 and #8.  The
flaws in #4 are particularly painful for Mouse buffs like me and I won't go
into them now.

        Glad to be back, folks.

        David Gerstein

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