David Gerstein

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri Jul 30 10:08:11 CEST 1993

Some extracts of David's last 4 mails:

>        First of all, Murry's "A Lad 'n' His Lamp" printed recently was not
> Scrooge and Goofy.  It was Mickey and Goofy.

Yes, I mixed that one up with some other 'Arabian' story by Murry. I think
in English it would be called something like 'Ali Scrooge and the 40

>         Sounds like the 32-page Murry story must be "Culprits Inc." which
> was done for the Western PHANTOM BLOT book.  I have seen only one issue of
> that, which is Mickey and Donald together against the Blot for the "Crown
> of Tasbah."  For a non-Barks story, this one is actually pretty good.

So it must be VERY good if even you, "bored by Murry", call it 'pretty
good'! 8-)

>         In a crowd scene in my first Egmont story I show Scrooge's office
> staff including "Mrs. Quackfaster, Clerkly the accountant and various
> unnamed ducks and dogs."  I hope no one jumps on me for this.

I hope mr. Branca knows how to draw Clerkly.

>        Gladstone bought four of my dialogs on foreign stories. These were
> stories I picked MYSELF to do, so I think that they're a cut above some of
> the plots we've seen from Europe.  I'm sure any of you European fans could
> find LOTS of good Egmont and Oberon stories, just like I tried to.

Can you give us the codes of those stories? I'm very curious about the
European (especially Dutch 8-) stories that will be reprinted, and I'm
curious which stories YOU picked.

>        P.  S.  Someone wanted a better recent reprint of "Tralla La" than
> US Digest #3.  Doesn't anyone know that Disney Comics did 8 albums?

Before you were on the list, we (at least I) thought there were only 4
Disney albums. And since then, all I know about them is what YOU mailed
on the list. Maybe you can help updating our Disney-comics index?


Ceterum censeo Murryem plus publicandum esse.

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