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Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Jul 30 16:08:39 CEST 1993

Good to see the list come alive again after more than a week of
silence!  (One week, 11 hours, 50 minutes, and 33 seconds, to be

For one thing I needed some messages to see if my new automatic digest
script works.  It seems like it does, which is great, because I'll
leave town for a week again.  (I'm off to Rome.)  I hope the script
behaves and doesn't start mailing around things is shouldn't to people
who don't want it.  Shoot me when I'm back if the digests didn't look
like they were supposed to do.

Yeah sure Gilbert, there are sleazy biographies.  Don't know about
this one though, as I haven't read it.  I'll see.  'Nuff said.

Congrats on selling your dialogue and scripts, David!  I'm also
interested in what D- and H-stories you have chosen.

When exchanging letters with Duckburg Times editor Dana Gabbard
earlier, I mentioned disney-comics, and today I got his updated
"Resource Guide For Barks/Disney Fans", where he has included it.  He
misspelt the subscription address though, so I'll have to write him
again.  Too bad...  Re the rumours about Barks painting again he

> All sorts of rumors about Barks--new paintings, new projects.  Not
> with Bruce Hamilton!

There'll be some kind of Disney panel at the San Diego Comic Con by
the way.  Anyone going there?  (Not me...)
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