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Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at
Wed Mar 3 18:19:49 CET 1993

On Wed, 3 Mar 1993, Per Starb{ck wrote:
> As reported before, Gladstone will take over the Disney comic books in
> the USA.  They will keep publishing Donald Duck Adventures (starting
> with #21), Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (#586) and Uncle Scrooge
> (#281), all dated May, 1993.  Then in June Donald Duck, Donald and
> Mickey, and Uncle Scrooge Adventures will re-appear.  All six titles
> will be bimonthly.

	For all of you indexers out there, Gladstone will be using the
numbering that ended when Disney started publishing.  It's kind of
confusing, but look out for the numbers.
	Also, Gladstone has acknowledged that Mickey and Donald will be
retitled Donald and Mickey because Donald sells more comics.  As a person
who despises the "post-lobotomy" Mickey Mouse, this is refreshing.
	The current WDC&S contains the second half of a Saludos Amigos
storyline by Walt Kelly.  It also contains the second half of an unprinted
Gottfredsen (sp?) strip that has been colored.  I have not read much of
these strips, but have heard fans and experts rave about them, especially
this storyline.  The only criticism is that the strips are too small.
	Did everyone see the cover story on Gladstone in a recent issue of
the Comics Buyer's Guide?  There was an interview with Rosa and another
duck artist whose name escapes me.  I'll snail mail (paper) copies to anyone
who wants them.
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