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Sat Mar 6 07:26:00 CET 1993

For those interested according to Preview magazine the whacky critter from
Disney's "RAW TOONAGE" will be starring in his own regular feature in DISNEY
ADVENTURES magazine starting soon.  I think in May.  Marsupilami, of course,
will probably NOT be featured the same as he originally did in comics, but
will probably parallel Disney's own "re-creation" of the critter.  Probably
teaming him up with Maurice, and continue using Norman as the butt of the
joke.  This will personally disappoint me.  I'd really like to see Disney
develop his character in comics, maybe give us some insight into him and his
species.  The cartoon is usually relegated to a series of gags.  :-(

Marsupilami has been a regular character appearing in the back of the last
four issues of D.A. in the section for games.  His tail was used as a maze,
his name as a descrambler, and others.

I think Marsupilami is a great character with lots of potential...all of which
is going to waste in the "gag" format.  Don't get me wrong, gags are perfect
for him, but I'd really like to see more.  I'd also like to see Disney or even
Gladstone reprint some of the classic Marsupilami comics for the American
population to peruse.

Aladdin has also begun seeing print in comics.  A couple months ago Disney
printed the "Movie" into a graphic format, and now they've released the first
of a two-part story which takes place immediately following the movie's story
(e.g. Alladin & Jasmine are bored with palacial life).  Since Aladdin is due
to premier on the Disney Afternoon in the Fall of 1994 I wonder if this story
is the first tale from that same series?  Also, Aladdin has appeared in Disney
Adventures which means this current comic will probably also see print in that
magazine eventually (others have).

As far as Disney Adventures comics go it seem that the bulk of them are being
reprinted in Disney's Colossal Collection pretty regularly. The prime
acceptions to this being all Roger Rabbit stories.  Goof Troop reprints have
begun appearing in C.C. as the Darkwing Duck tales have been doing for the
past year.  One good thing though, I think that since Chip'n Dale Rescue
Rangers, Ducktales, Tail Spin, Darkwing Duck and Goof Troop have all been
seeing print in D.A. and then moving to C.C. it only goes to reason that the
other Disney Afternoon features coming up (BONKERS!, ALADDIN, and DUCK DAZE)
will eventually see print in Disney Adventures, also.  I can't wait to see
Fawn Deer in print.  ;-)

It seems to me that with the exception of an occasional Mickey Mouse or Roger
Rabbit tale, Disney Adventures is dedicated to Disney Television Animation, as
is Colossal Collection.  C.C. has also seen reprints of THE LITTLE MERMAID
tales which came out in comics about a year ago.  TLM is currently running on
Saturday Morning TV.  I wonder if any Winnie the Pooh or Wuzzles or even Gummi
Bears stories will ever see print in D.A. or C.C.?

One cool thing of note is that about a year ago I wrote to the staff at Disney
Comics (they even printed my letter in the letters column in WDC&S) where I
requested they reprint some of their classic animated features like "The Brave
Little Tailor" and that they start new features for "Disney Babies" and
"Minnie'n Me".  So far they've begun reprinting said classics and have run one
of the Disney Baby features.  According to their answer there in a French
magazine "Le Mickey" or something (I don't have my copy of the issue with me)
where they said Disney Babies have been runnig for some time now.  Are there
any Disneyphiles from France on this mailing list that might know anything
about this?

See ya.

  "Have you ever had one of those days where you lose your home, your best
  buddy-boy, and your favorite appendage?"  -Marsupilami (Raw Toonage)

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