Marsupilami etc.

Hannes.Faestermann@Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE Hannes.Faestermann at Physik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Sun Mar 7 10:12:44 CET 1993

Hi there,

just a few remarks to the Marsupilami etc.

The Marsupilami was created by Andre Franquin, the same artist who created
Spirou & Fantasio. In fact, the Marsupilami appeared in one of the Spirou
comics first. After Franquin retired from the Spirou series (which was drawn by
different artists after that, until it finally went to the hands of Tome &
Janry, who do a very good job) he refused to give the rights for it away. Just
1 or 2 years ago he accepted that a young artist - Batem - should create a new
series based on the Marsupilami alone.

Anyone who wants to know more about that should send me a personal email.

I will be cut off from the net for at least 2-3 weeks as I just got a new job
without internet access. So it will be a while before answers will arrive. This
is the reason why I won't be able for at least the next 4 weeks to do anything
for the Gladstone index :((

C U in a few weeks


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