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About that story with a diamond mine and an explosion:
> I guess it's a USA story of the late 60s, not long before they started
> reprints-only.

That sounds very probable, but I really haven't the faintest.  It's
really frustrating looking for a story you don't remember particularly
well.  If someone on the list have a long-lost story like that, please
go ahead and ask about it.  Maybe someone can give a pointer to it.

Thanks for Dutch Barks index, Harry!  I've made a dutch/ subdirectory
on the ftp server like the swedish/ one and put it there.

>From where are we?
> According to their answer there in a French magazine "Le Mickey" or
> something (I don't have my copy of the issue with me) where they
> said Disney Babies have been runnig for some time now.  Are there
> any Disneyphiles from France on this mailing list that might know
> anything about this?

Probably not, judging by the email addresses, but the readership is
getting a little more international all the time, so maybe soon...
Here is the distribution of the current disney-comics members:

Sweden		17
Denmark		 2
Norway		 1
The Netherlands	 3
Germany		 1
Spain		 1
(Europe		25)

USA		18 (edu 12, com 4, gov 2)
Canada		 1
(North America	19)

Brazil		 1

New Zealand	 1

(total sum:	46)

Marsupilami, the Smurfs, and other French/Belgian comics
Well, I don't look upon Marsupilami as a Disney character, but I guess
he is nowadays, at least in the US.

> Kind of made me wonder just how many different characters Disney is
> trying to liscence for their own use (the Muppets, etc)

Of course Disney's "always" made existing characters into Disney
characters (like Snow White, Baloo, Winnie-the-Pooh, etc), but I think
it's not quite the same thing when they use characters that already
were cartoon characters or from the comics.  I can accept e.g.,
Winnie-the-Pooh as a Disney character even though I love the *real*
Winnie-the-Pooh, as I look upon them as more or less different
characters, but I think that would be harder if they both were used in
the same medium, e.g., comics.

> So exactly who are Spirou & Fantasio.  I know they are suppose to be humans
> who have somehow made a pet of Mars, but what function in Mars' life do they
> serve?

Exactly that: pet owners.  Spirou and Fantasio are the main
characters and go around having adventures a la Tintin, and
Marsupilami is mostly used for comic releaf, like another pet of
Spirou, the squirrel Spip.

There were some questions on the origin of Marsupilami, but Hannes has
already answered that:

> The Marsupilami was created by Andre Franquin, the same artist who created
> Spirou & Fantasio. In fact, the Marsupilami appeared in one of the Spirou
> comics first.

Just a minor correction: Although Franquin did Spirou & Fantasio many
years he didn't create those characters, but was only the third to
work with them.  The were created by Rob Vel 1938, and made by Joesph
"Jij'e" Gillain since 1940, and then Franquin took it over in 1946.

As for nationalities they are from Belgium, not France as Jamal
thought.  (It's *in* French though).  (The same goes for Peyo who also
was mentioned.)

ObDisney: Franquin has said that the main influences on him and other
comic artists in the flourishing post-war period in Belgium (Peyo,
Morris, ...) were "Walt Disney" and Herg'e (of Tintin fame, also from
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