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Mon Mar 8 10:10:21 CET 1993

Jamal Hannah wrote:

> Dont forget "Attila Durgey"
> (sp?)  from Belguim who did "Vuk", otherwise known as "The Little Fox"..
> which seemed, at some point, to have almost Disneylike popularity over
> there (they made some very nice stamps of the fox.)

I never heard of this one (neither the artist, nor the character), and I 
thought I knew a lot about Belgian comics...

> I wonder if the Fantasy artist Mobius is Belgian?  

Moebius is the pseudonym of Jean Giraud. I'm quite sure he's French.

> And is the magazine "Metal Herlant" (Euro version of "Heavy Metal) Belgian
> too?

And "Metal Hurlant" is French too.

(and an answer to a not-yet-asked question: Asterix is French; Lucky Luke
is Belgian/French, i.e. the artist [Morris] is Belgian, he started to work
for a Belgian publisher, but later he and writer Goscinny switched to
a French publisher.)

So far about Disney comics. 8-)

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