Romano Scarpa & Pete's Trudy

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Rich wrote: 

> I was reading the inside front cover of "Mickey and Donald" #6 (published by
> Gladstone, Oct 1988) and it was giving some background on Romano Scarpa.  In
> this data it listed some of his creations for Mondadori Publishing 

I saw the next characters in at least 3 stories (so you could say they
are 'recurring'):

Brigitta MacBridge, Uncle Scrooge's "fiancee" (she appeared in one of the
last Gladstone Uncle $crooge comics);
Atomino Bip-Bip, an enlarged atom who lived with Mickey for a while.

A lot of Italian stories are reprinted in Holland (and Germany, and Sweden,
and..) in pocket books.

> Is Trudy (as the article
> seems to imply) Pete's "wife" in these Scarpa stories?  Does anyone know of
> any comics in the U.S. that some stories depicting "her" may have appeared. I
> would assume that they may have been reprinted in Gladstone or Dell.

Little chance that Dell/Gold Key or Whitman ever reprinted any Italian
comic. Gladstone reprinted a few, but I don't think Trudy was in one of them.
(Check out our Gladstone list for candidates!)


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