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Thu Mar 11 14:25:50 CET 1993

Hi, everybody.
I'm very enjoyed to be here.'s talk about questions and Italian Disney material.

Yes, in 1988 Disney Co. came in Italy and took over everything
but just for NEWSTANDS.
Library market is still under Mondadori.
At the moment Disney is publishing:

- Topolino (Mickey Mouse): a weekly digest magazine (the best selled comic
           in Italy, do you know? Over 700,000 copies a week!).
	   Each issue has over 100 pages but not
	   all are comic. Usually there are four stories and they are all
	   NEW stories, written and drawn by Italian people.

- Classici di Walt Disney (Walt Disney's classic stories):
	   monthly magazine with an average of 200 pages, it contains
	   reprintings from Topolino with no adds.

- Grandi Classici di Walt Disney (Walt disney's great classic stories):
	   another monthly magazine with an average of 400 pages and
	   this also contais reprintings from Topolino with no adds.

- Mega 2000
- Paperino Mese (Donald Duck monthly)
           both monthly, I don't know wery well these two series.
	   I know that two years ago these magazine printed material from
	   South America (Argentina, Brasil or so) but nothing from Europe. 

- Zio Paperone (Uncle Scrooge)
           monthly, are printed always Barks stories, with covers and articles
	   about Barks.

I never saw Italian version of Rosa's stories or anyone's material from Europe. 
It's true that in Italy there are many stories starring Brigitta
and some with Trudy. Rockerduck is a very popular character, if in a story
there are not Beagle Boys (Banda Bassotti in Italy) then there is Rockerduck.

And now two very important news:

Have you seen a VERY VERY popular character, created in Italy,
called PAPERINIK? Do you know who is he?
Do you know there is PAPERINIKA (female version) too?
(They are not questions, of course, I know everything)

Some years ago was printed in Italy (by Disney administration) a story where
Mickey Mouse GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!! And bride was NOT Minnie !!!!!!!!
After a week Disney U.S.A. went hangry, every issue not sold were retired
and destroyed.
It's been decided this story will never printed again, in any part
of the world!!
Are you interested about it? Do you want to know more?

			Luigi (bevilal at

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