Marco Rota, or: What happened in Italy (Re: Per)

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Thu Mar 11 17:17:49 CET 1993

Per wrote:

> By the way, what has happened to Italian Disney comics in later years?
> The latest thing I heard was that Mondadori lost their license to make
> Disney comics and that Disney took over the production themselves, in
> the same way that happened in the USA a couple of years later.  Is
> that correct?  What effect did that have on the stories?  Did the same
> artists, e.g., Marco Rota, keep doing stories, but for Disney instead?

A few weeks ago, Dutch Donald Duck containted a Marco Rota story, D-coded.
On the first panel, there was a little copy of the Copenhagen mermaid statue.
I think this was Rota's way to indicate his first "Danish" story.

However, there have been other Rota stories with a D-code... maybe they
were indicents, while Rota is now working for Egmont regularly?

Does anyone know when Rota started Disney comics, and which stories he
made? I know of a few very special stories, reprinted in Holland. Some
about "MacDonald and Little Crack" (England in the middle ages), two
about Donald as a suburban worker, one "Danish" time machine story, and some


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