The origins of HD&L

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Mar 24 09:16:30 CET 1993

Fredrik Ekman wrote, on the question of HDL's parents:

> I also remember a dutch Donald Duck where there is a picture in the
> beginning (not as part of a comic) where Donald is talking in the phone
> asking Della when she is going to reclaim her sons. Unfortunately (for
> Donald) Huey (or whoever) has unconnected the phone.

Yes, this picture illustrated a letter from a reader, asking "who are 
HDL's parents?" That question comes up from time to time.

> Does anyone else have additional information? Corrections?

I always thought the _comic_ version was Della, while the _movie_ version was
Dumbella. Apparently, I'm wrong...

> I just thought it was about time that I made some kind of contribution to
> this list. :)

Yes, it was about time. 8-)


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