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Well, it looks like this thread has stimulated some discussion.  First, a
reply to Aerid's inquirey about "Why cousins and uncle's and such?"
I don't know if this is true or not, but it seems as if there has been a
traditional unspoken rule that says no Disney character can have sex.  What
I mean is that until the recent Disney Afternoon series we almost never
saw a Disney "furry" with an direct off-spring.  In cartoons the same was
basically true except for Pluto, who with Minnie's pooch, Fifi the Peke,
had a litter of mini-plutos and one, named Pluto Junior, even appeared
again (Pluto's Quintuplets, 1937 and Pluto, Junior, 1942).  As for Goofy
he appeared in several cartoons with a little redhead/red-nosed son named
Georgie or Goofy, Jr.  Otherwise it has been the status quo not to have
directly related children.  Goofy, in comics, does also have a recurring
highly intelligent nephew named Gilbert (who always wears a graduation cap).

As for my contributions to the Duck family:

FAMILY TREE:  The only comic I could find with a picture of the Duck Family
On the tree is listed Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gyro, Gus, Scrooge, Grandma,
Gladstone, Daisy, April, May, June, and three I am not familiar with:
Blackduck (pirate), Z-Gun Duck, Ebenezer Duck, and one brach of the tree has
a "?".  The story involves a family reunion which takes everyone in Grandma's
house back in time (Blackduck, Z-Gun & Ebenezer are not present) due to a
tornado. Three Beagle Boys are transported too since they were breaking in at
the same time.  While in the past they pick up a giant prehistoric egg.  Gyro
rigs a device that returns them to the present.  The egg had hatched and out
came a fully grown caveduck they named "Simon".  Uncle Scrooge suggests that
Simon is the "?" on the Family Tree.  That made absolutely no sense, but
apparently it was an accepted theory.  Simon stayed on at Grandma's farm.

GRANDPA DUCK:  A real wack-o that dresses like Davey Crocket, carries a musket
rifle and slaughters domestic cows for sport.  Definitely not a desirable
relative.  He only appeared once in the DD cartoon "No Hunting" in 1955.

COUSIN FRED:  I know I have a comic with him in it, but I couldn't find it.
Maybe someone can help me out here, but he's apparently an artis and he looks
alot like Herb Muddlefoot from DARKWING DUCK (same proportions).

NEWTON:  Gyro's nephew who appears in the comic WDC&S Vol.26 #9 in the story
"The Trouble With Thudder."  Newton looks a lot like Gyro but about the age
of HD&L.

DIM-WITTY DUCK:  I'm not familiar with exactly how he is related, but he is
supposedly a recurring character.  I have only one story with him in UNCLE
SCROOGE #75 (Gold Key June, 1968) where he caused havok for Daisy in "The
Fix-It Fiasco."

MOBY DUCK:  A wacky ship captain for whom Donald worked (later replaced by
Dim-Witty) as First Mate.  He first appeared in DD #112 (Gold Key March,
1967) and eventually earned his own title for a short while.  I'm not sure
how he was related, but it was said in one source that they were.

CLARA CLUCK:  This one is my speculation.  I have at least one story where
she appears at a family reunion for Daisy's birthday.  Gyro, Donald, U$,
Gladstone, AM&J, Grandma, and HD&L are all there, so either Clara was the
only "friend" invited, or like Gyro, she's among the "chicken" relatives of
the "ducks."  This story appears in DD #278 (Gladstone March, 1990), but
originally appeared in a Netherland Oberon B.V. story by Jan Kruse and Don


In the spirit of "relatives" I thought I'd list two of the more obscure ref-
ernces that I have for other Duck's character relatives.

BEAGLE BRATS:  The junior members of the Beagle Boy clan.  These bullies
attack HD&L, but eventually end up getting spankings from the sexior Beagles.
ooopps that's "senior" not "sexior"  ( edit capability). ;-)

MINIMA DE SPELL:  Magica's niece that appears in the firm paperback called
"Disney's Ducktales."  It was not a regular comic and I suspect it is really
just reprinted stories from the digest magazine "DISNEY ADVENTURES."  The
story was called "Dime After Dime" and revolved around another attempt of
Magica to steal U$'s Lucky Dime.  Webby befriend's Minima who starts out
as a rotten brat, but learns to be nicer.

PHANTOM BRAT: The "daughter" of the Phantom Blot who appeared in MICKEY MOUSE
ADVENTURES #8 (January, 1991).  I beleive she appeared again later, but she
did actually have influence on stories prior to her appearance.


I forgot to list NEWTON's appearance was from a Dell comic (June, 1966) and
MINIMA's was a Disney special edition of Cartoon Tales, 1991.

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