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Fredrick asked:
> Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. Isn't Webby the daughter of the fat lady
> that keeps $crooge's house (whatever her name). I don't think she's related
> to the rest of the ducks.

Actually, as I recall, Webby (a.k.a. Webbigail Vanderquack) is really not
related to Mrs. Beakley.  In the 5-part opener of the Ducktales series Edna
Beakley says she is Webby's legal guardian and asks $crooge if she gets hired
as his maid can she raise Webby in the mansion too.  To which $crooge said it
would be fine, and even made Webby promise to call him "Unca $crooge".  In
time the mansion became over-run with rugrats calling him "Unca" (Huey, Dewey,
Louie, Bubba, and Webby.  And if we count the comics, April, May and June as
well.  I also recall seing Morty & Ferdie calling poor $crooge "Unca"). Webby
does, however, affectionately call Mrs. Beakley "Grammy".

> >What about Grandma Duck and Uncle Scrooge?
> Grandma Duck was introduced by Al Taliaferro and he introduced her as
> _Donald's_ grandmother. Later, however, Carl Barks revitalized the old
> lady, and I have seen several comics where she is referred to as $crooge's
> sister. If this is the case, we can assume that she is Hewey, Dewey and
> Louie's grandmother and in that case she must be Donald's mother (unless
> we accept the theory of Donald's cousin Della).

Oy! Some of that actually might make sense.  Since I learned from this list
that Grandma's real name is "Bella", then as sister of "Della" we'd have
rhyming "twins"??  Just to throw a monkey wrench in the works, I've seen a
story once with Unca $crooge and Grandma Duck dating.  What's that?  Incest?

> Rich wrote:
> >On the tree is listed Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gyro, Gus, Scrooge, Grand
> This is the first time I have seen Gyro mentioned as a relative to any of
> the other characters. What is his relation? Are there any other references
> to him as a relative? I don't think Barks intended him as a relative.

Got me!  But you can check the story out for yourself.  I dunno what to make
of it.  I can't imagine what you get when you cross a Chicken with a Duck.  A
"Chuck"?  A "Dicken"?  Or maybe it was through the Goose lineage.  A "Choose"?
A "Gooken"? A "Ganduck?" As I listed in a previous letter, yes, Gyro has a
nephew named "Newton."

Whelp!  I've done my damage for one day.



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