So how are they related? rich.bellacera at
Wed Mar 24 17:10:00 CET 1993

From: starback at juts
> Rich:
> > The only comic I could find with a picture of the Duck Family
> > Tree was in UNCLE DONALD AND HIS NEPHEWS: FAMILY FUN #38 (Dell, 1960)
> > On the tree is listed Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Gyro, Gus, Scrooge, Gran
> > Gladstone, Daisy, April, May, June, and three I am not familiar with:
> So how are they related according to that tree?

It actually doesn't present anything all that clearly.  It just has everyone
at the end of a branch conveniently lumped together according to familiar
groupings.                    It is not exactly like this but similar.  Of
                     Gyro          course I wasn't able to list everyone.
              Donald  \ Scrooge    I like Per's Bark's Family Tree better.
                   \   \ |   Grandma
           Huey ----\   \||  /
             Dewey---\\  || /  Daisy
               Louie--\\ ||/  /---April
                    Gus\\|| //---May
                      \ | |//---June
                       \|  /
-Rich                   | |
 (not a duck)          /   \

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