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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Mar 31 18:50:14 CEST 1993


> Hi,
> If we want to have a good list of names we need to update it in
> an handy way.
> So:
> - Anyone can modify the list?
>   (in this case we need update-time, is Greenwich time good for everybody?)
> - Or just Per Starback updates the list.
>   (Do you agree, Per?)

I could have volunteered for that, but I don't know the "official" language 
symbols and the ASCII representation of several diacritic characters.
(BTW: The Greek name for Donald is NTONALT NTAK (by OUOOLT NTISNI), and
Mickey is called MIKKI MAOUS. But these are just transcriptions from the
Greek alphabet, while the Greek is just an effort to transcribe the Latin
alphabet names...)

> In my opinion it is better to have a little character description after
> English name, especially if the character is not very important.

Rich Bellacera once proposed to make a description of every Disney character,
with info like "Origin", "Family", "Species" (Goofy is an anthropomorphized 
dingo) etc. We could start a Disney characters encyclopedia...
Rich already has a list of all "recurring" characters in the Disney movies,
TV series and comics. It's on the ftp site (you know.. something lysator
something). It would be nice to have a short description with each 

> The list needs also the COMPLETE name. For example: Uncle Scrooge.
> The name is Scrooge McDuck/Uncle Scrooge in English and
> Paperon de' Paperoni/Zio Paperone in Italian.
> The nephews call him Zio Paperone, foreigners call him Paperon de' Paperoni.
> Should we write the relative word, like uncle or hunt?
> Donald Duck/Uncle Donald  ===  Paolino Paperino/Paperino/Zio Paperino

Only if it's the common name, used in a comic. There are a lot of stories
starring "Uncle Scrooge", while there are not that many "Uncle Donald"s, and
as far as I know, no "Uncle Mickey" or "Aunt Daisy" at all.

Do I understand correctly that Paperino is his last name, and that his
first name is Paolino?
> So, what do we do?

I don't know.


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