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Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Wed Mar 31 19:06:09 CEST 1993

Some newer members may not know that we have compiled some lists of comic 
stories. These lists are avaliable on "our" ftp site ( 
What we have so far:

1. Two Carl Barks lists: one Dutch list (complete, and up to date till
   february 1993), and a (less up to date) Swedish list. The Dutch list
   also contains (USA) story titles and dates the stories were made (this
   may be interesting for non-Dutch people).

2. A complete USA/Scandinavian/Dutch Don Rosa list. This list is updated from
   time to time, by several mailing list members (supervisor: Per Starback).

>>>BTW Per: The "Nostrildamus" story will be reprinted in Dutch DD Extra
   4, 1993 (X93-04).

3. A list of stories appearing in Gladstone's comics. Andy Krieg is still
   working on a part of it. 

>>>WE STILL COULD USE SOME VOLUNTEERS to fill the gaps in this list.
   If you want to help, contact me: I coordinate this to avoid double work.

4. A list of stories in Disney Comics's comics. This is far from complete
   (and a lot of comics are not that interesting to list them at all, IMHO).
   The same applies to this list: volunteers, contact me!

5. A list of stories in Dell comics, compiled by Kjell Crone. This list
   is not complete (yet), but maybe we will get updates from Kjell in
   the future (he is no member of this mailing list).

6. A list of stories in Dutch comics, made by me. Any remarks on this list
   are very welcome.

(did I forget something?)

There's some more at the ftp site, just have a look at it! There are README
files explaining the contents of the available files.


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