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> 	I doubt you'll be able to get a copy, as most stores I know don't
> keep back issues.  I posted the short obituary that week, and wonder if it
> made it to the net.  

To the net?  If you've sent it to this list it didn't get through.
And I haven't seen anything about it in rec.arts.comics.* or
rec.arts.disney either.  In fact I learned about her being dead from
Wilmer River's posting to this list:

> I hope most of you (in the USA, anyway) saw the tributes the latest
> issue of Comics Buyers Guide published to the late Gare' Barks, Carl's
> wife/inker/letterer/advisor as well as a distinguished landscape artist
> in her own right.  Gare' died on March 6, I think it was, and her
> passing is a major loss to all fans of the Barks stories to which she
> contributed so much.  The tribute was certainly appropriate, and if you
> missed it, you should go purchase a copy on the newstands now.

I called a Swedish comics dealer and asked him about it.  He said that
the latest ish of CBG that he had got *mentioned* the death on the
back cover.  I thought that "the tributes" might be something more than
that, and that it is the issue after that one I want.  Is it?

Could anyone please give me some issue numbers, both of this CBG and
an earlier one with a feature on Gladstone and interviews with Don
Rosa and William Van Horn.  I'd also like the issue number of that
issue of Advance Comics with a Don Rosa interview that Harry
mentioned.  There is an old interview with Rosa by Dana Gabbard that
Gabbard told me would be published in The Comics Journal.  Has it?
Please anyone tell me when it appears.

And finally a simple question on Gare':  How do you proncounce her
name?  Like Gary???
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