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Tue Nov 2 01:47:53 CET 1993

	Dear Folks,

	Mattias said that "during his tenure at "The Calgary Eye
Opener", [Barks] has often enough given examples to show that he, too,
could be dirty-minded".

	I'll say... and what's more, those cartoons resemble the work
of Dr. Seuss as much as they do those of the later Barks DD comics!  I
believe Seuss also began his career doing such cartoons -- is it known
if the two crossed paths?

	I was very surprised that the Disney corporation allowed
extensive reprints of those Eye-Opener cartoons in its comics in 1991.
I was delighted to see them, of course!  But given that a few showing
nude or nearly-nude female forms got in there, I'm surprised Bob
Foster got away with it!

	(Has Gladstone ever thought about printing some more of those
cartoons, I wonder?  Or did Disney print all those that their
management considered "safe" enough to use?)

	Barks is still at it... one of those sculptures he's done
for AR depicts that very painting where Donald's reading "Playduk" --
yep, the one that Geir had in that article about the uncensored duck.
And from what I hear Barks painted a naked centerfold on the inside of
the magazine (which wasn't visible in the painting).  It'll be
interesting to see if that centerfold is a human or a duck...

	Well, that's all for now.  Sudden drop in the activity in
these digests, and just *why* is to me, unknown.  I'm anxious to hear
a review of USA 23...

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

	"More!  More!  I'm still not satisfied!"
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