Uncle Scrooge Adventures 23

Mark Semich mas at cs.bu.edu
Tue Nov 2 04:35:31 CET 1993

David A Gerstein <David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu> writes:
>	Well, that's all for now.  Sudden drop in the activity in
>these digests, and just *why* is to me, unknown.

Probably because Don Rosa is out of town :-)

>I'm anxious to hear a review of USA 23...

(Not really a review, just some unsupported opinions:)

I didn't really like this issue.  Barks' "A Financial Fable" is fun,
but of course I've already read it.  Paul Murry's "Uncle Scrooge Meets
the Phantom Blot" is, I suppose, interesting for historical reasons,
but it seemed to me to be written for three-year-olds. (Perhaps I'm
just spoiled - I've been reading much Barks and Gottfredson lately.)
Egmont's "Golden Oldies" also seemed rather juvenile and Esteban's
artwork is passable, but not great.

I've already seen Mel Crawford's "Uncle Scrooge in Disneyland"
painting that they re-used for the cover, and while it's a good
*painting* I much prefer thre1930's style Donald covers that they are
using and the Don Rosa work that we've seen on the two "Adventure"
titles.  I also don't really like the 1950's Disneyland feel of the

Just my two bits... :-)

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