Problems? + New issue of Carl Barks & Co.

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Tue Nov 9 15:28:06 CET 1993

On the topic of technical problems with this list Henri Rantanen wrote:

> ... but, I do have had some strange problems, mainly that when I am
> trying to send something to the list, I got error message(s)...

Bounce messages from some sites are unfortunately pretty normal.  They
generally come from Mailer-Daemon at some site, and say something like
"message couldn't be delivered to ... because of ..." and more often
than not include the message that wasn't delivered.  I try to find out
what the problem is with those addresses when I note that messages
sent to them bounce.

> Also, I have gotten some people's messages about a month after they
> have sent them...

I guess that was some of Fredrik's messages.  It seems like they
queued up somewhere when there were mail problems at his site, and
then got out long time after that.

Sigh, computers...

Well, anyway, here is something relating to Disney comics too.  I was
at SerieExpo '93 last weekend, and got the latest issue of Carl Barks
& Co. (from editor Paw Mathiasen who was there).  It's a fanzine on
comics and animation, that Freddy Milton (who also was at SerieExpo)
started and edited before Paw.  It's in Danish, so maybe it's not
that interesting for most of you, but anyway I thought I should
mention it.  It contains a feature on Aladdin (with lots of Jippes
illustrations), and interview with Daan Jippes, Marco Rota, Giorgio
Cavazzano, and Sonja Rindom (Danish duck translator).  CB&Co. #20
(ISBN 87-87654-54-7) is 30 DKK from

	Forlaget Sejd
	v/Paw Mathiasen
	J. Brochmandsgade 7,
	2200 Copenhagen N

I haven't read it yet.
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