Henri Rantanen trhera at
Tue Nov 9 14:53:15 CET 1993

> Bill Cotter wrote:
> > Just so you know, I got 8 copies of the same digest, just in case you're 
> > having some problems!
> Oops.  Did that happen to anyone else?  Otherwise I'll assume the
> problem was at your end.
> --
> Per
Not really... but, I do have had some strange problems, mainly that when I am 
trying to send something to the list, I got error message(s)... Also, I have
gotten some people's messages about a month after they have sent them...
I also got one error message which was supposed to go to someone else, saying
that his mail could not be delivered... Not a standard error-message, so I
suppose there was something fishy going on... Nuttin' special.
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