Lo$, #9

Even Flood Even.Flood at due.unit.no
Fri Nov 12 14:51:48 CET 1993

I want to add my two cents to the praise for
Lo$, #9. My only major criticism is that it was
too short! I want more! and more! and.....

The ending was beautiful, once I figured it out.
Actually several of us old timers had some
trouble discovering what was happening - 
"You don't do THAT in a Disney Comic!!??"  
So I had to read it several times before I finally
discovered the bed in one of the last panels.

Actually, on rereading the series, I feel that 
the death of Scrooge's mother in #8 was much 
grimmer and brutal.

One minor point I had som difficulties with is 
the conflict between Scrooge and the Highlanders. 
The cause of the behaviour of the Highlanders
seems too inconsistent - why do they taunt Scrooge 
in the most outrageous way in one panel and in the
next they do not understand why he reacts?
If the taunting just is some friendly bantering or joking
gesture and Scrooge reacts in a wrong way to that,
I could understand what was going on, but I do not
see that interpretation in the pictures. But maybe I 
missed something?


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