No 1 dimes

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at
Fri Nov 12 15:45:50 CET 1993

Don: 'twas a sad story you had to tell us Don, about your trip to
Disneyworld; regarding lack of reception and loss of dime equally so - but I
can't say I'm exactly surprised... Myself, I thought that Disneyworld was a
half-decent amusement park (a teensy-weensy bit too neat, and somewhat dull
rides once you've tried a coupla) least, I'm not surprised that you
didn't get any particular recognition, since apart from exterior things,
Disneyworld hasn't got very much to do with any of the really interesting
aspects of Disney in general - and even less with Disney comics (and their
statue of Cornelius Coot is TOO SMALL!!!)

David: if you consider getting yourself an 1875 dime - be sure to check the
mint-mark, too. Myself I decided on an no-mint-mark-dime (i.e. Philadelphia
minted) since that one was the least valuable of the 1875's - or so the dealer
said when he looked it up in his catalog. I paid 10 kronor (at that time
roughly a dollar an' a half) for mine, which is also VERY worn (although I'm
not SURE I could cut a rope with it yet...). I don't remember if Don had
anything to say about a mint-mark (if any); but as I said, you might want to
check it out beforehand.

My dime, by the way, is actually my FIRST dime - it is indeed the very first US
dime I ever owned (ain't none of you can say that - haha!); although of course
not in any way my first personal income...

So... over here it is now Friday, and closing on 4 o'clock PM; so I'll wish you
all a nice week-end, and to David a Gut Shabbes! and then I think I'll mosey on
home... Ah, freedom, freedom - a whole glorious week-end of FREEDOM!!!


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