+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #155.

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Sat Nov 13 05:53:47 CET 1993


	Listen, I would never accuse anyone of something like theft
unless I was ABSOLUTELY SURE of what I was talking about. I'd left that
Dime in the center of a shelf behind closed cabinet doors, and we
searched the floor and other furniture to make CERTAIN the maid hadn't
knocked it about or moved it somewhere. (And my wife also saw that I'd
left it on the shelf, picked it up to verify that it was my #1, then
definitely replaced it to the spot in the middle of the empty shelf.

	Thanks for posting those Norwegian articles! Perhaps someone
will post a translation of a full-page article that just appeared in the
German weekly Newsweek-type news magazine about me which I just found
out about 2 days ago. It had a SLIGHTLY different attitude than the
articles you translate, and I'm wondering who is up to some strange
tricks (though I have suspicions).
	And you were puzzled by the Highlanders who seemed to change
their attitude toward $crooge so suddenly? That was either a bad joke or
my weird sense of humor. The Highlanders would be very resentful of
someone who did what $crooge had done, then be puzzled that he would
object to the sort of treatment that any outsider should expect? Well,
sometimes I shoot a blank.
	Oh, yes... the death of $crooge's mother was meant to be handled
with far more brutality, but then much more obscurely and off-camera.
That was my second writing of that Klondike chapter -- Byron had nixed
my entire first story and said he wanted something really BRUTAL for
what should be $crooge's toughest days. So, I said, okay boy, stand
back! Pa's death was much more tenderly done, but what almost literally

	Absolutely right! The no-mint-mark is the correct choice as it
would be worth LESS than the others. The idea is that the Dime has no
value other than inspiration. And as maid bait.

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