+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #159.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Nov 17 05:12:18 CET 1993


	Reread the Lo$ 3 more times??? Gosh, I hope you spend your spare
time doing better things than that!
	But, yes, it might take you many rereadings to notice all the
details, and some you may not ever suspect are authentic unless you
stumble on the facts by accident as you did the history of Marcus Daly.
It don't stop there -- someone actually DID try to gain ownership of the
Anaconda by buying adjacent land and suing for ownership through the
1849 Law of Apex, just like $crooge does in my story. And I was well
aware of how many shots $crooge shot out of his two six-shooters...
however I'm not sure if he didn't shoot 8 outta one and 4 outta t'other.
I can't brag much about my art and I'm no great wordsmith... that's why
I "try harder" and try to make up for it with my attention to detail.
You probably still haven't caught ALL the minute details -- it'll take
another buncha rereading or me sitting there pointing it all out to you.
But DON'T reread them again! Do something else! Your kind words are
appreciated, but the story isn't all THAT good... or maybe it is? I work
on each chapter so long and with such intensity that I get pretty fed up
with the whole thing pretty quick.
	But if you DO think my stuff is so good, didn't you have any
reaction to that strange German article?

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