+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #160.

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Thu Nov 18 14:51:17 CET 1993


	I can't be the judge of whether my art looks like Crumb. But it
MUST since several people have said so. If Crumb's and my art resemble
each other, it's sheer coincidence as Crumb is not one of my influences,
whoever my influences might be. I never sought to copy his art and my
ugly style was already ugly when I saw my first Crumb comic.
	I keep seeing people making references to "anti-Rosa articles"
or letters other than this mysterious German one. Not that I would doubt
that such would exist, but where were they? I don't recall anything even
remotely like the German article. And if I useta get hate-mail early-on
at Gladstone, I've blotted it from my memory. Which issues? I'll go back
and peek.
	The anti-Rosa stuff will be mostly or exclusively in Germany.
That's where the only anti-Rosa group that I know of has its closest
ties and influences. There'll be more to come probably this June.

	Somebody was picking at Mattias because of some strange spelling
he was using. Unless I'm mistaken, Mattias was writing in American rural
slang, like most of the people I live with in Kentucky speak. It's
constantly amazing to me how Europeans can not only speak English but
speak in dialects yet, whereas most Americans don't have the vocabulary
or correct pronunciation in English that these Europeans do. Wow!

	The question that someone wanted to ask people wishing to join
this group, "Do you think Chip n' Dale are cute" was amusing. Of course,
seriously speaking (never!), it's unfair since Chip n' Dale ARE cute.
The proper wording of such a question might be "Does your enjoyment of
Chip n' Dale arise from the fact that the art in their stories is
superb, the writing ingenious, the characterisation magnificent, and the
plots provocative... or does it arise from the fact they're drawn "cute"
and you are firmly convinced that Walt Disney is Jesus H. Christ?"
	Try that'n. That'll separate the intelligencia from the zombies.

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