Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Fri Nov 19 16:27:59 CET 1993

Gil warned:
> Quick, check your respective hard-drives and diskettes!!  We have found a
> virus in our system here and we don't know fron whence it came!  Our system
> is *now* CLEAN, but these things have a way of SPREADING WILDLY!!..
> We ran a DELETE and CLEAN with MICROSOFT ANTI-VIRUS, so check you computers
> for any and all bugs ASAP!!!

There is no chance at all to get a virus from plain (ASCII) mail. This can
only happen if you run a program or install a system file that was sent in
binary form.

The only program ever sent on this list was Fredrik's C-program to extract data
from the 'interlingual' file. Fredrik sent the source code, and I am sure there
was no virus in there 8-).

(On the other hand, if I'm wrong about all this, I would like to know!)


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