Spoil-sport warnings in subject header...

Mattias Hallin Mattias.Hallin at jurenh.lu.se
Fri Nov 19 16:33:06 CET 1993

Mark Semich asked us all to give him, and any possible others that think his
way, the chance to pristine enjoyment of Lo$, by putting some kind of warning
early enough in such postings that discuss minutiae of said series; in order
that he could then read them or not, as he might decide...

Well, Mark, first of all: no offense what-so-ever taken because of your VERY
polite request! And secondly: I really DO beg your pardon for not having
figured this out myself (I do think I'm one of the more persistent writers on
this particular subject) - I should have been more considerate, really!

Ergo: I for one will TRY to remember to warn you guys whenever I write on that
particular subject. I might forget, occasionally, and hope that you'll bear
with me... And I most certainly intend to CONTINUE this particular brand of
discussion - and I, too, look forward to the American publication most eagerly;
in part because, as I think I've said, I much rather read things in their
original language, if I'm at all able to, but ALSO, and not least, because I
look forward to having all you English-only readers in on the discussions!

Don: Yeah, you were dead right - I was at least TRYIN' to write in Rural
American/possibly with a Southern slant... I hope I don't made too much a mess
of it! One reason I'm somewhat adept at various American dialects and such, is
that I'm a Classic Jazz buff-and-practicing-musician; I often enough transcribe
lyrics off early-1920's-pre-electric recordings, more often than not recordings
by black (AND southern) artists, like Bessie Smith f'rinstance - and I also
read much American literature, and watch American movies - in particular
classic westerns, to which I'm a bit addicted... Sorry if I'm rambling about
not-at-all-Disney subjects, but, well...

A nice and Ducky week-end to all of you!


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