List of censored stories

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Fri Nov 19 18:41:47 CET 1993

Torsten wrote:

> There has been quite a bit of talk (not recently) about stories which have
> been edited because of racial stereotypes and political correctness.  I
> was wondering if anyone has a list of stories which have either been
> edited or shelved by Disney Comics or other entities.  

I have a very old list, posted on r.a.d. long before the disney-comics mailing
list existed. It lists the changed and censored stories in the Carl Barks
We know more about textual changes and other stories now, but maybe this can
serve as a start?


>  (...) It appears, that some of the
>  rare stories are restored or completely redrawn, others are censored on
>  certain places.
>  Here is a list of what we found so far (in random order):
>  Four Color 238, Voodoo Hoodoo: natives censored, zombie's nose changed.
>           Uncensored version appeared in Europe.
>  Uncle Scrooge 33 (2nd), Bongo on the Congo: natives changed on page 7 and
>           8.
>  B&G March Of Comics 20, Darkest Africa: natives (cannibals) changed; one
>           panel missing. The story has been redrawn, page 1 - 4 by Daan
>           Jippes, the other pages by Dutch artist Dick Vlottes.
>  Cheerio Giveaway, Atom Bomb: Mostly redrawn by Daan Jippes, only a few
>           original Barks panels re-inserted in the Jippes version.
>           Cash register and money removed on last panel.
>  Firestone Giveaway '46, Santa's Stormy Visit: redrawn by Egmont. The
>           drawings are very 'un-Barks'
>  B&G March Of Comics 41, Race to the South Seas: redrawn by Daan Jippes (on
>           one panel, Donald's ship is named "Kwaak". This is the Dutch word
>           for "Quack")
>           (Note: this version also appeared in a Disney Comic.
>           They retouched the word "Kwaak" though)
>  Southern Pacific Giveaway, Donald Tells About Kites: restored.
>  Four Color 29 (3rd), Too Many Pets: restored.
>  The redrawn versions by Daan Jippes were done in 1974, 1975 for Oberon, the
>  Dutch Disney editor. Apparently, the CBL used some of these stories,
>  replacing the Dutch dialogue by (original?) American.
>  We are sure our list is not complete. We hope that an original version of
>  the stories above will appear somewhere, sometime.
>  Daniel van Eijmeren and Harry Fluks

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