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	Mark's point was so well taken that I'm stunned that I would not
have thought of warning American readers when I was going to discuss the
Lo$ myself. Heck, I'm so anxious for readers to not know the stories
ahead of time that I even treat my editor like a common "reader" and I
won't tell him what a new story is about until he reads the
storyboard-script that I FAX him. That's very dangerous since I might
cause myself to spend a lot of time on a story that he knew that he
would have nixed had he known the plot or subject, but it seems SO
important that a reader does not know what the next page or even panel
will be until he gets to it. Entire stories are laid out just so key
panels appear on the "next page" to add a lil' surprize as the reader
turns a page. So, from now on, it'll say "SPOILER WARNING" at the start
of any paragraph where I discuss the Lo$.

	Well, is it ALWAYS necessary, I'm already wondering? Now I'm
going to tell, was it Torsten?, that Lo$ part 3 does NOT take place in
Nebraska. Would that spoil anything? I know for a fact that many foreign
versions of my stories do not stick to my scripts, some less than
others. I'm in close touch with the German translator-editor, so the
German should be close. However, in my script it is made quite clear
exactly where $crooge is in that tale. In fact, you can always check the
first panel of each chapter where I make a point of including a map of
the site of that chapter's action. On the German-version map you can see
where the "Badlands" are, though they chose to not list the areas as
territories but as states, which made it look very odd to any American
that North and South Dakota are just Dakota. So $crooge is nowhere near
Nebraska... he was just across the central western border of the Dakota
territory where...uh... that guy in the story had his ranch (in real
life, of course). There! WHO that guy is might be something I wouldn't
want to spoil (if I haven't already once before).

	As for all these new members, it seems to me that one of the
best ways they could be introduced to everything we're discussing is if
they can read the contents of the OLD digests. I'm told that these
digests are all on file somewhere, but are they available for new
members to call up at their leisure?
	As for writing up a list of "FAQ", not me! No time! In fact, I
don't even have time to finish what I'

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