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Torsten Wesley Adair torsten at cwis.unomaha.edu
Sun Nov 21 20:51:30 CET 1993


On 19 Nov 1993, Don Rosa wrote:
> 	Well, is it ALWAYS necessary, I'm already wondering? Now I'm
> going to tell, was it Torsten?, that Lo$ part 3 does NOT take place in
> Nebraska. Would that spoil anything? I know for a fact that many foreign
> versions of my stories do not stick to my scripts, some less than
> others. I'm in close touch with the German translator-editor, so the
> German should be close. However, in my script it is made quite clear
> exactly where $crooge is in that tale. In fact, you can always check the
> first panel of each chapter where I make a point of including a map of
> the site of that chapter's action. On the German-version map you can see
> where the "Badlands" are, though they chose to not list the areas as
> territories but as states, which made it look very odd to any American
> that North and South Dakota are just Dakota. So $crooge is nowhere near
> Nebraska... he was just across the central western border of the Dakota
> territory where...uh... that guy in the story had his ranch (in real
> life, of course). There! WHO that guy is might be something I wouldn't
> want to spoil (if I haven't already once before).

The map did show his route, but I was just wondering where that geological
formation was.  As for the dialogue, well, I tend to skip words and just
get the gist of what is said.  

As for that "guy", I wonder how many people outside the U.S. knew who he
was.  I knew it the minute I saw him (fairly obvious clues), but even
though you give his first name in the last panel, I tend to wonder.  
> 	As for writing up a list of "FAQ", not me! No time! In fact, I
> don't even have time to finish what I'

Heh.  Keep up the good work!  

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