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Mon Nov 22 19:40:41 CET 1993

Dear Don and everyone else,


Harry quoted me:
>   Welcome aboard!.. because Per is usually very busy maybe Harry, Torsten
> or somebody else can handle your initiation!   >;-D

And then added:
> Technically, we can't do anything to add people to the mailing list. That's
> on Per's machine and Per is the only one authorized on that machine.

        That's NOT what I meant, for that re-read your next statement!.. 

> But we can make up some initiation rites, if you want. Like: newcomers 
> should answer the next question correctly: "do you think Chip 'n' Dale are
> cute?" 8-)

        Sounds good to me, went do we start?   >;-)

David A Gerstein said: 
>       Huh?  What I meant to say was that during the Disney Comics
> period (1990-93) I saw *no* anti-Rosa letters, and I followed their
> comics very closely.  However, what I meant was that there were
> *droves* of letters panning William Van Horn.  The letter column of
> Disney Comics' DDA was (particularly around issues #15-18 I think) the
> center of a raging debate over Van Horn.  The comments ranged from
> dripping praise (as I often give Don Rosa! ;-) to furious comments of
> the "this art is better suited to coloring books" variety.  Even Bob
> Foster chimed in, in one case giving a relatively nasty answer to
> someone who referred to Van Horn's stories as "drek" (he didn't mind
> criticism, he said, but insults were different).

Don said:
>       I keep seeing people making references to "anti-Rosa articles"
> or letters other than this mysterious German one. Not that I would doubt
> that such would exist, but where were they? I don't recall anything even
> remotely like the German article. And if I useta get hate-mail early-on
> at Gladstone, I've blotted it from my memory. Which issues? I'll go back
> and peek.
>       The anti-Rosa stuff will be mostly or exclusively in Germany.
> That's where the only anti-Rosa group that I know of has its closest
> ties and influences. There'll be more to come probably this June.

Mattias Hallin:
> Don!
>    Of course I reacted to that German tripe! It made me sick to my stomach,
> if not necessarily literally, at least figuratively speaking!!! The reason
> I didn't say much about it is, I guess, basically because I figured 
> everyone  on this list would and does react pretty much as I did - we all
> know it is a trashy piece of hogwash; albeit unfortunately rather cleverly
> disguised by enough facts (like, they spell your name right, and you ARE 
> working on a story about $crooge's life etc.) to make it seem informed to
> the UNinformed average German reader of the feature. Which of course makes
> it's (probably) malicious intent all the more malicious... Yuk! Sick to my
> stomach... believe me!  But I didn't and don't see much point in ARGUING 
> against it on THIS LIST, really, because I just can't concieve any of us 
> BELIEVING such crappy nonsense!

        Ah ha!.. a *TRUE* Rosa fan, after my own heart!   ;-)

> What I do, however, intend to do, and actually have been planning to do for
> quite some time now, is to write a feature of my own about Lo$, to appear
> in NAFS(k)uriren, and if it turns out well enough, possibly to translate it
> and offer it to, well, Der Donaldist, Duckburg Times and/or The Barks
> Collector.

I wish I felt MORE comfortable as a writer, I REALLY let the WHOLE WORLD HAVE
WITH BOTH BARRELS--RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!  So, you'll just have to speak
for me as well, if you don't mind!

> This, of course, won't go a very long way towards rectifying the 
> maliciously slanted slander against you in that article, since I will still
> be talking only to those already in the know, but... what can one do, 
> really?
> And huccome they're DOING this to you in the first place?

        Mattias, that "My Friend" is a very *GOOD* question!.. I have *NEVER*
understood ALL the Anti-Rosa proclamations, that WE, as fans get SMASHED over
the head with!!!   Don, do you know WHY the so called: "authorities" hate you

Chris Lawton:
> P.S.   Don - If you feel a little unappriecated by the folks at Disney, 
> please try to not let it get you down.  There's still lots of people who do
> like the work you do here in the U.S.

        Listen to Chris, Don!!..  I think he speaks for *many* of US.

Tom Tanida:
> I'll vouch for that.  I love Don's work (when I can find it! arggh!)
> and I've been collecting his comics.  I grew up with Barks, and only Don
> can compare (if he doesn't mind the useless comparisons- I don't think
> it's really very appropriate to compare artists, movies, etc.- each should
> stand alone).  It's too bad the US market is bent more on comics with
> mindless violence.

        Hey, cool another one!.. Well, I have been following Don's work since
1980 when he started: "CAPTAIN KENTUCKY" if you don't know about it ask me
about and I'll post you some information!

> A friend of mine also loves Don's work- she pores over every frame to
> examine the great detail put in to each one.  In fact, she even thinks 
> Barks'art is not as good, and reads Don's stories almost exclusively!

        *SEE Don!.. I've been trying to tell you for years that you do excellent
work and that people *REALLY* do love ALL the care you put in to it!!!!!!!!!*

Torsten Adair:
> Comments?  Questions?  Suggestions?
        Ah, just one unrelated one buddy: "How well did you understand German
(written/spoken)?"  I know your Mother is German, but you were raised here in
the States and many American can *barley* speak English!

There, now kick that around...



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