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Tue Nov 23 00:28:42 CET 1993

	Dear Folks,

	One update and two new additions to the unfortunate bucketful
of stories which have had to be censored:

	* * * * *

  Cheerio Giveaway, Atom Bomb: Mostly reinked by Daan Jippes; a few
           original Barks panels re-inserted in American printings.
           Cash register and money removed on last panel, and text in
           second-to-last panel changed (original text unknown).

  Four Color 29 (2nd), The Hard Loser: In WDC&S 551, the word "weird"
           was substituted for "queer" on page 5, so not to offend 
           homosexuals.  Reprints of the story in DDD 1 and in the 
           CBL are unchanged.

  WDC&S 112, Donald Van Winkle: In WDC&S 554, "the future" was
           substituted for "1990" at every point.  Also, any 
           exclamation originally written like (THIS) was altered so 
           it looked like >THIS<.  CBL reprints unchanged.

	* * * * *

	John Clark told me about the change in "Atom Bomb" today.  He
also told me that the missing Sunday strips in DD 282 were removed at
Disney's request.  One of them involved Donald posing as a blind
beggar, and two others involved doing mean things to Clarabelle
(although somehow, a strip where Donald actually gave Clarabelle a
black eye did make it into print!).

	Members of this group have asked for a Jack Hannah story to
appear in the DD 50th-anniversary issue, and so John is going to try
to get "School Days" from WDC&S 37.  He promises nothing for sure,
though, since Disney has the proofs (acquired from Whitman) and may
have trouble finding them (there's been a lot of reorganization since
Disney Comics stopped its monthly comics).

	Romano Scarpa story coming down the pike -- "The Man from
Ula-Ula" (can anyone tell me what this is about?).  Every other issue
of USA will be double-sized starting very soon, making room for some
more Italian stories as well.  "Colossus of the Nile", much-requested,
is on order NOW (we can thank our own FABIO for the code number!!!),
and "U$ and the Lentils from Babylon" will appear too... and *I'VE*
been assigned to dialog it!

	I'm both dying of excitement to see WDC&S 589 (my first
published dialog) and dying of embarrassment that they chose to print
one of my lesser ones first.  I like it okay, I guess, but the first
and seventh pages are a little stiff.  Anyone see it yet?

	Your friend,

	David Gerstein

	"Phooey on Sir Quincy Quack!  Double phooey!  And yuck!"
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