+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #165.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at CompuServe.COM
Tue Nov 23 05:25:18 CET 1993

	Pertaining to that "guy" in Lo$ part 3, I forgot to mention that
I was slightly trepidatious when I decided to use the "guy" in the
story. I knew that I and a lot of others regarded him as one of the
greatest Americans of all time, but I was worried that to a non-American
he might be regarded as a maniacal imperialist! I was just as worried
that Europeans would never recognize him at all (though that really
wasn't much of a worry -- most Europeans know as much if not more about
American history than Americans; they definitely seem to know more about
our government!). Anyway, he sure does have a kisser on him, eh? He's a
joy to draw! I mean, even sticking a dog nose on him, you know who he is
instantly! And you might be pleased (?) to know that he makes a return
visit in part X, which might just be the best chapter of the series,
page for page (even though it's the chapter where I have the Bin built
in 1902).

	You did it again, even though you recopy the portion of my
letter asking for an explanation. But you continued to say that you're
tired of "all the anti-Rosa proclamations that we keep getting smashed
over the head with". What are you referring to??? Other than the German
article (which you couldn't have even seen except on here), what are you
talking about?

	And to anyone who's interested, I've finished writing my "Donald
Duck 60th Birthday" special story, and tomorrow I begin doing the art.
It's a 15 page Duck version of "It's a Wonderful Life" where Donald is
granted the wish that he was never born.

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