Who are we?

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Nov 24 15:46:05 CET 1993

Mark wrote:
> With all of the recent new members on the disney comics mailing list,
> I was wondering if we now had any people in the U.K. who might know ...

There have been a lot of new members recently.  You have only seen the
tip of the iceberg, that is those who send their subscription requests
to the list instead of to the disney-comics-request address where is
should go.  (Currently there are no UK subscribers at all, though.)
Among the new subscribers are a couple of pros of the field, btw:
David Cody Weiss & Bobbi JG Weiss.  Welcome to you, and to everyone
else new on the list!

Mattias asked:
> I'm a bit curious: Per, or someone, just how many of us are there now - and
> who are we, actually? Would it be possible to put together some sort of
> presentation digest, or something, with short introduc(k)tions from each and
> all of us? Where we live, what we do - anything we'd like to mention...

Of course it would.  Do you volunteer to maintain such a list of
introduc(k)tions?  As for how many we are, etc., we are about 90
people now!  Should I post some member statistics once in a while,
like the number of subscribers and how they are distributed
geographically once in a while (or even the whole list of
subscribers?), or is that too much off-topic for you all?
Should I encourage new members to introduce themselves to the list?
What do you think?
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