Who are we?

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at research.ptt.nl
Thu Nov 25 17:32:16 CET 1993

Per> Should I post some member statistics once in a while,
Per> like the number of subscribers and how they are distributed
Per> geographically once in a while 

Fredrik> YES!

I agree.

Per> (or even the whole list of subscribers?)

I think that would make a very long and mostly boring message... But maybe you
can send it when the *100th* member arrives? BTW: Will we have a party
celebrating that?
Fredrik> Well, in that case, you should first offer each member the opportunity
Fredrik> to remain anonymous. After all, we don't want to intrude on anyone's
Fredrik> privacy, do we?

I don't think we should bother about privacy here. At least one member of
the list knows all the addresses, and I understood any other member
can get that list by "telnetting", though I wouldn't know how to do that...


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