Who are we?

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Fri Nov 26 05:01:23 CET 1993

me> Should I post some member statistics once in a while,
me> like the number of subscribers and how they are distributed
me> geographically once in a while 
Fredrik> YES!
Harry> I agree.

me> (or even the whole list of subscribers?)
Harry> I think that would make a very long and mostly boring
Harry> message... But maybe you can send it when the *100th* member
Harry> arrives? BTW: Will we have a party celebrating that?

That may happen many times, as the membership sort of fluctuates.  (So
we can have lots of parties!)

Anyway, here is finally the list membership summary:

Currently the list has 88 subscribers, with the following domain
distribution: (I list all top domains, and all subdomains with more
than one member.)

edu = USA, educational	24 (Boston University 2, jhuapl 2)
com = USA, commercial	14 (GE 3, AOL 2, Compuserve 2, Ingr 2)
gov = USA, government	 3
mil = USA, military	 1
USA, total:		42

ca = Canada		 2
br = Brazil		 1
cl = Chile		 1

se = Sweden		17 (UU 5, Ericsson 3, LiU 2)
no = Norway		 8 (UiO 2, UniT 2)
nl = Netherlands	 4
fi = Finland		 3 (UTa 2)
de = Germany		 2
dk = Denmark		 2
it = Italy		 2
be = Belgium		 1
es = Spain		 1
Europe, total:		40

org = organizations	 2

One of the Norwegian subscribers is an automatic address that puts the
messages in a local "Usenet Newsgroup" where several people can read it.
I have no idea how many readers that group have.

67 of the list members get the messages one and one, and 21 read the
digests instead.

When I said there are no UK subscribers, Mark wrote:
Mark> [...] but the one that you quoted me from was me replying to
Mark> someone with a UK email address who had sent out a unix question
Mark> to the disney-comics mailing list!  So I assumed that he was a
Mark> subscriber to it as well...

Oops!  That's one of the former subscribers I've deleted because mail
to him just bounced all the time.  I try to get back to such addresses
after some time to see if their addresses seem to work again, but
lately I guess I haven't done such a good job about that.  I guess
it's time to go through all those lost addresses again.

Apropos "who are we".  What happened to you anthropology work on
Disney comics fans, David?
--       "
Per Starback, Uppsala, Sweden.  email: starback at student.docs.uu.se
 "Life is but a gamble!  Let flipism chart your ramble!"

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