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Thu Nov 25 18:10:18 CET 1993

Mattias (and everyone)!

I seem to have a problem here. I tried to be a bit amusing/subtle
 and talk as if comics should not be considered as "real literature",
when I VERY MUCH mean that it should. This seems to have been
 somewhat misunderstood. 

I therefore want to make make clear that comics, sequensial art, 
bandes dessinee (or how it is written in French), graphical stories
and so on are to be concideres, evaluated and read as REAL
LITERATURE. I read every comic book and graphical novel by Alan
Moore, Neil Gaiman, Milton Caniff, Hugo Pratt, Moebius and all the
other great ARTIST. 

In fact, together with a certain other Norwegian member of the
Digest (well known for his views on sex in Barks), I founded a
literary magazine way back in 1980 dedicated to showing that
comics, rock music, western stories, Science Fiction, Fantasy
and so on should be read (or listened to) both for the pure joy/fun
of it and taken seriously as art forms (based on different techniques, 
expressions, criteria for evaluation a.s.o). 

We wrote with equal vigour on Donald and Dostojevski, on rock
 music (e.g. ELP, Gentle Giant etc) and religious hymns.

So a final warning: I may also in the future attempt to use a 
kind of (more or less) subtle irony in my writing. Please do not always 
take me on "face value" (if that is the expression). I contain multitudes.

Bj|rn Are

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