Disney-comics digest #119.

David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Wed Oct 6 03:00:22 CET 1993

Someone (I think Harry Fluks):

(BTW: David, tell the Gladstone people to put more Jippes in their comics.
There still are a few Milton/Jippes stories not reprinted in the USA.)

	*WHICH* Milton/Jippes stories?  Tell me, and you've got them
requested... and if I do the requesting, I also get to dialog
'em!!!!!!!!  Since I can translate Dutch and no one else at Gladstone
can, or so it seems!!!  Oh, boy, oh, boy!

	(I printed out that massive Dutch Index, but haven't had
*time* to comb it for Jippes, which seem very few and far between.)

	Since Per didn't want to write that intro to the digest
compilation for Gladstone, I'll do it... and Per, while you're
recovering from that belly ache you might like some castor oil or some
nice, hot sage tea.  Stay away from corn bread, though.

	For MM's 65th birthday there is a big "1930s MM" promotion in
this country... what about in Europe?  A FG fan such as myself is
drooling and delirious to see it all (shirts, video games, etc. based
on "Blaggard Castle," "The Mail Pilot" and "the Phantom Blot" have
been made under a new brand name, "Perils of Mickey," and there's that
new laser disc set I told you about... etc., etc.).

	What do people think about Don Rosa using the Phantom Blot in
a Scrooge story?

	That's all, folks.

	David Gerstein
	"The only way to get ahead of Mickey Mouse is to *run* in
*front* of him!"

	<David.A.Gerstein at Williams.edu>

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