Fethry in the 1960s USA

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Wed Oct 6 21:17:54 CET 1993

David wrote:
> Now for a little information on Cousin Fethry.  I first note
> him appearing about 1964 in the U. S., and he's in a lot of Tony
> Strobl-drawn stories from the period.

So they were made almost at the same time as the Fethry stories drawn
by Al Hubbard for the foreign market!  (Strobl did lots of S-coded
Fethrys later on here.)  So now I don't know who the first artist on
Fethry was, something I thought I knew just a couple of days ago.

> It would be interesting to see the story in WDC&S 509 and see
> if Fethry speaks in hipper-than-thou lingo.  I certainly hope not.

He only has a small part (one page), and there's nothing strange about
his speech at all.

> So someone on the list has WDC&S 509... does anyone you know
> have #510?  That, Whitman's last issue, contained an Egmont Daniel
> Branca story!

Sure, I have #510 too.  I remember being very disappointed in getting
a D-coded story when subscribing to American books.  There were enough
of those in the Swedish books.

> "We didn't realize," they said, "that it was one of the TWO Danish
> stories Whitman published shortly before giving up on comics..."  TWO?
> What's the other one?  Sounds like it's one Gladstone never used.

I haven't the faintest.  It's not in any of the last Whitman WDC's
though, so it must have been in some other title.
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