Rosa's very good, except... + Rota list

Harry Fluks H.W.Fluks at
Sun Oct 10 15:41:33 CET 1993

David Gerstein:
> 	A few other Rosa comments of my own:
> 	(A)  Favorite short story:  "On a Silver Platter"
> 	(B)  Reason for (A):  The scheme involving the platter is
> completely unique.

I agree it's a very good story, but the basic idea looks a lot like Barks'
"Stranger than fiction".

> 	(C)  Least favorite story:  "Super Snooper Strikes Again"

I think I agree with you, if the Dutch stories by Jan Kruse don't count.

> 	(D)  Reason for (C):  Story is drawn too realistically for me
> to laugh comfortably at what happens to Donald.  Also, the story
> isn't different enough from the story it was a sequel to.

I quote a letter of myself here (from the times that Don wasn't on the list 

[ Date: 26 Oct 1992 20:57:57 +0100
[ From: Harry Fluks <H.W.Fluks at>
[ Subject: Several things from the last 4 weeks
[ I recently read the story. I think this is not a follow-up, but a theft!
[ Rosa just used Barks's story idea to fill it in with his own gags. Rosa
[ could do better than this...

This doesn't mean that I'm a Rosa-hater...

And now, from Rosa to Rota:

> 	Can someone make a list of the stories Marco Rota has done for
> Egmont?  Since they're being done for Denmark, not Italy, this means
> that they'll finally be short enough for Gladstone to use a lot of.
> Does someone have some code numbers?

I have some, as far as they appeared in Holland. The next is a result of
a 'grep' from my Dutch index. I edited it a bit, but I kept the Dutch
descriptions (and the Italian entries).

12  D 92120   DD  vliegtuiggevecht met bolderbast
44  D  9434   DD  en de tijdmachine (1st time machine story, with vikings)
32  I         DD  van ei tot eend (DD origin story)
36  I  215    US  in: de geldzee (appeared in Disney Comics' U$)
17  D  5480   US  op jacht naar onderzeese schatten
45  I  228-A  DD  en kleine krack (one of the two Viking stories)
32  I         DD  in de nacht van de saraceen
36  I  277-A  DD  geroosterd vlees als redding (another Viking story)
36  I  245-A  DD  als forens
14  D 92444   US  inbraak in opdracht

These happen to be ALL the Rota stories I know of. Are there any more
Italian stories?


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