+Postage Due+Disney-comics digest #123.

Don Rosa 72260.2635 at compuserve.com
Sun Oct 10 15:39:14 CET 1993


	Did I say I needed the German printing of "War of the Wendigo"?
I have those issues... but the German editions are the ONLY Egmont
printings that I don't seem to get copies of on a regular basis.
Actually, I'm in close touch with the German translation editor and I
think I just need to tell him what old copies I need. But if YOU have
this access to all the current issues, I sure would like it if you
bought an extra one for me whenever they use my stories -- and their
uses of this "Life of $" series should be coming fast as they catch up
to the other countries. They are soon to begin a series of hard-back (or
at least album-sized) editions in Germany that use strictly my stories
to go along with their Barks Library editions. Already a Rosa Library!

	I like to hear what everyone thinks of each of my stories... but
it's hard to figure out how to learn a lesson from such data since one
thing I've noticed by now is that every single story I do is one
person's favorite and another person's least favorite with everyone else
falling somewhere in between. "On a Silver Platter" might be my own
favorite of my 10-pagers; I like the way there's a funny and exciting
story, and yet $crooge never leaves his office and Magica never leaves
her hut in Italy. But this "Super Snooper Strikes Again" -- I'm
surprised when anyone says that it's too close to the original; the
original was a GREAT story, but it was a simple GAG story with no point:
DD gets super-powers then loses them at the moment he tries to show
someone. My story was supposed to make some sorta point about super-hero
comics and how they pale before the plots and characterisation found in
so-called "funny animal" comics, AND say something about who the true
super-heroes are in life or in the funnies. None of that came across at
all??? I'm doing a bad job then!

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