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Fri Oct 15 00:30:54 CET 1993

David wrote:
>	So now we have a few stories where the coat is red... does he
> have grey cuffs on the coat in any of those?  In Europe the coat is
> always red, too, but never with the Gladstone/Disney-style grey cuffs,
> you'll notice.

The issues I listed as having red were with everything red.  The only
exception I had was that late Whitman issue (#195) with green cuffs.

I and Don Rosa thought that all the terries and fermies in Barks's
"Land Beneath the Ground" should have the same colour, and not be in
all kinds of colours as they've been in every American colour
printing.  But then our beneath-the-ground expert Wilmer Rivers said
that rocks come in a wide variety of colours, so there's nothing
strange with the terries and fermies being that colourful.  Maybe so,
but I still think of them as having the same colour, because that's
how they looked when *I* first read the story!

Another strange thing about colouring is that the traditions of
colouring covers are not the same as those of colouring the comics.
Do you all think of that as just a peculiarity that ought to go
away, or do you think that tradition should be honoured and the
characters ought to keep getting coloured in a special way on the
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