Administrative woes

Per Starback starback at Minsk.DoCS.UU.SE
Thu Aug 11 18:58:13 CEST 1994

First of all I apologize for my posting where I complained about
inappropriate postings to this mailing list.  I didn't mean to send
*that* to the whole list!!! :-)

Secondly, I'd like to make you aware of some recent mail problems at
the host where I run this mailing list.  Because of that I think that
mail both to the list (disney-comics) and to the administrative
(disney-comics-request) might have bounced. Normally when you get a
bounce message when sending something to the list this just means that
your message didn't reach exactly everyone on the list.  The bounce
message then typically originates from the computer where the one who
didn't receive it resides.

But now you may have gotten bounce messages that really told you that
your message didn't get through at all.

Friday July 29 I sent a message "FTP archive updates".
The Friday after that Harry sent a message "are you still there?".
And then there was nothing for the whole weekend.  If you sent
something else to the list between those postings it's lost, and I ask
you to send it again.  I'm sorry about this!
--       "
Per Starback, Uppsala, Sweden.  email: starback at
 "Life is but a gamble!  Let flipism chart your ramble!"

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