Just busy!

bjorn-are.davidsen@s.televerket.tele.no bjorn-are.davidsen at s.televerket.tele.no
Sat Aug 13 18:41:25 CEST 1994


Rest assured that at least some of us still are reading the list! My problem is that I after 
several weeks of holliday have a lot of post to catch up with on on the job, as well as due 
to it being the warmest summer in Norway in 90 years it has been very much more 
tempting to stay outside in the sun on the beach than sitting in front of the PC, 
commenting on the various messages that pop up (even if there has been few  on the 
Disney Digest the last weeks).

I guess we'll do a comeback when the temperature get's a bit lower!

Bjorn Are



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