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oLe 'RoC' Reichstein Nielsen says:

>  The hillbilly character - a.k.a. 'Urtigao'/ 'Skogs-Ola' and
> 'Jesper Skauen' - in Denmark is (or should I say 'was'?) called
> 'Habakuk', which could be his, although misspelt, original name.

Using 'BHBC' (Bearded HillBilly Character) makes it a whole lot simpler
until we figure out the original name...

> A Strobl story in AA&Co. #27/1969 also mentions his friend Amos -
> not a very common name in Danish.

I *think* this was the first appearance of BHBC in Sweden, and hence also
in Denmark. I know of no appearance of his later than 1974, so his career
was fairly brief.

Fairly good story, actually. US is about to buy some land from BHBC, but
BHBC is illiterate so he can neither read nor sign the contract. As
he's about to make a substantial amount of money on the deal, BHBC agrees
to go to school. It turns out he's a good scholar, except in one subject.
Yep, you guessed it -- reading'n'writing.

>    "My friend Amos always says:
>     'Don't sign anything, before you've read it!'"
>                                     - Habakuk

Some advice... Amos is himself illiterate!

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