Disney-comics digest #407.

Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at veg.sintef.no
Thu Aug 18 13:23:57 CEST 1994

Hi everyone!

<lot's of things deleted from included message>
>	So, now I'm curious -- is there any interest here in what
>happens to the "Rescue Rangers" or in a "Tale Spin" comic book? Was an
>important topic missed by not discussing Disney TV comics on the San
>Diego panel?
I _do_ have an interest in what happens in "Rescue Rangers" and "Tale Spin". 
The reason beeing that I am disappointed to an undescribable degree about 
Disney throwing overboard all the high standards for first class 
entertainment and jumping unto the "Sky Channel"-style comics with:

- Total overload of images. No time to enjoy any scene before the next one 
comes jumping up. Same thing as we see in the typical music video.

- Total neglect of the characters previous history. It breaks my heart to 
see Baloo in his new role, beeing reduced from that wonderful, relaxed bear 
to a modern, busy pilot.

It's scary to think about this beeing the introduction the next generation 
will get into the "Wonderful world of Disney"! I was disappointed already 
when I saw my first "Gummi Bears" episode several years ago. I couldn't 
believe it was Disney. But that series at least lived it's own life with new 
characters. When they suddenly started misusing their old characters in the 
same way I was really shocked.

I hate to conclude that I won't ever be able to say to anyone again that 
bying a comic video with the name Disney on it is a sure sign of quality!

As you probably have seen by now, this has been a topic I have been dying to 
say my opinion about for a long time. Please note that I _do_ realize that 
the new style has it's fans, too, I just am not able to consider this the 
same quality entertainment as Disney's classic animated features or Bark's 
comic stories.

Knut Hunstad
Trondheim, Norway

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