Where's Duckberg?

AndrewP603@aol.com AndrewP603 at aol.com
Fri Aug 19 05:40:38 CEST 1994

  Howdy.  I stumbled on to this list a little over a month ago, and since
then have begun buying Disney comics again.  I used to read them back when
Gladstone was doing their first run at them, then completely gave up on them
when Disney started doing them themselves.

  I've picked up parts 3 & 4 of the Lo$ series (1 & 2 were $10 & $5,
respectively, which I figure will drop after the excitement.  After all,
Americans don't care about Disney comics.), and the use of actual history in
the series led me to ask the following question of Don:

  What part of the U.S. is Duckberg in?  I seem to remember reading in a (I
think it was Barks) comic that it was in "Calisota."  This sounds like a
hybrid of California and Minnesota to me.  I suppose Barks wanted California
so that he could put in things about the ocean, and he also wanted Minnesota
wo that he could do stories such as that winter story about HD&L skipping
school and DD as the Truancy officer.

  In the Sega game Quackshot, Duckberg is placed in southern California.  It
seems like in DuckTales I remember seeing a map of them flying somewhere and
drawing on a map to show it and it seems like it was from somewhere in New
England, although I could easily have this confused with something else.  But
I guess these don't matter since Mr. Rosa is basing his story on the comics
and not video games and tv shows.

  I'm just curious since he's showing the history of the areas as he's going
along and therefore will be forced to put Duckberg somewhere.  I would
suggest Minnesota so that you could keep on doing the wonderful winter
stories.  But, of course, I'm just a _tad_ bit biased, living in the Gopher
state myself.

  Sorry that this is so wordy, but hey, people have been complaining that the
list is too quiet anyways.

Andrew Peterson
...somewhere in Minnesota

P.S. There used to be a fanzine about Disney comics called _The Duckberg
Times_, I believe.  Does anyone know if it's still around or how to get an
issue?  Thanks.

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